Ordinatra Minima is an Engineering Consultancy based in London, UK.

We specialize in Embedded Systems Design and Manufacturing, with over a decade of domain expertise in Internet of Things / Connected Devices and Consumer Electronics.

Electrolama is our in-house brand of home and building automation and lab tools. Electrolama Lab is where we share knowledge and collaborative projects with the Open-Source community.


  • Engineering and Manufacturing: In-depth understanding of the engineering and manufacturing landscape, specialising in connected electro-mechanical consumer products. Manufacturing at scale, QC Management and Hardware-in-the-loop testing.
  • Design and Development: Hands-on experience in board-level design, rapid prototyping and bring-up for hardware products.
  • Project Management: Successful guidance of projects from ideation to high-volume manufacturing. Consumer Hardware NPD and NPI Processes and Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Leadership and Team Management: Effective leadership of multidisciplinary teams to achieve successful product outcomes.
  • Business Relationship Management: Managing relationships with suppliers, partners, and stakeholders for seamless technical product delivery at scale.


Management and Process

  • Review and establish effective engineering processes for successful hardware product delivery.
  • Strategise the engineering, hiring, and product roadmap to take your project from the early idea/prototype to volume manufacturing.
  • Establish and oversee technical delivery of production line processes, hardware, and software.
  • Help navigate technical challenges and mitigate risks for early-stage hardware startups or new product initiatives by acting as your Founding CTO / Part-time CTO.

Engineering and Technical Delivery

  • Collaborate with your team and act as a sounding board through workshops for new product features or ideas.
  • Conduct Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM/DFA) assessments and architectural reviews for your ongoing projects.
  • Undertake the development tasks required to transform your ideas or prototypes into viable, manufacturable products.
  • Lead on and advice related to relevant product compliance, certification and approvals.
  • Setting up test tools and processes for the manufacturing process, generation and analysis of manufacturing data and processes

We encourage inquiries from established companies, startups, and individuals, and we are happy to discuss customized packages tailored to meet your unique requirements.


Ordinatra Minima was established by Omer Kilic in 2019.

Omer has developed a deep understanding of the engineering and manufacturing landscape, from his tenure as an R&D Engineer at a Silicon Valley multinational to his role as the Founding CTO / Head of Manufacturing at a UK hardware startup. He is well-versed in manufacturing requirements and techniques for electro-mechanical products and has hands-on board-level design and bring-up experience.

He has successfully taken multiple products from ideation and prototyping stages to volume manufacturing of tens of thousands of units, which led him to spend extended periods on-site in Shenzhen, China, setting up, managing and navigating the complexities of both business relationships and technical delivery of production line processes, hardware and software.

He has set up and led teams of multidisciplinary engineers to successful product delivery. At Ordinatra Minima, he leverages his network of trusted external partners to cover all aspects of product design and delivery - from the initial stages of ideation/prototyping of electronics, industrial design and software/firmware to manufacturing and regulatory compliance.


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